Springtime is one of our beautiful and colourful arrangement of flowers with the popular orange and yellow Gerber Daisies, yellow Roses and all sorts of colourful flowers.

Springtime with the bright Gerber flowers is part of the sunflower family. The Gerber daisy has almost 30 species in the wild. They are found in South America, Africa and parts of Asia. Gerber daisies have a large flower head with a bunch of buds in yellow, orange, white, pink or red colours.

The head looks like a single flower but is actually made of hundreds of small flowers. One look at these beautiful daisies with their bold colors and it is easy to see why gardeners are interested with the Gerber flower.

The symbolism of flower colors is steeped in tradition. In fact, every flower color from a deep red rose to a bright yellow daffodil offers a rich and meaningful story dating back thousands of years. The flower colors you choose for a bouquet can be as important as the types of flowers used in an arrangement.

Springtime contains roses that can tell a story to the receiver. The variety, color and even number of Roses carry symbolic meanings. The Rose is most popularly known as the flower of love. The meaning of a yellow rose stands for joy and happiness, but most of all yellow roses mean friendship. The meaning of yellow roses are very special because it’s asociated with true friendship. A true friend is so important to people of all ages; it’s like a gift from God.

With all these beautifully arranged and vibrant flowers, Springtime bouquet would be perfect for an enthusiastic social gathering and friendly parties. These flowers will be highly attractive in display.

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